Slang term used to say something is "very cool". Used by the character Gretchen in the popular movie "Mean Girls".
Regina: Oh my god, I love your bracelet. Where did you get it?
Cady: Thanks, my mom made it.
Gretchen: That's so fetch!
by Babs May 16, 2006
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Slang word that a "plastic" in Mean Girls tried to popularize. Just another way to say cool.
I love your pink suede shoes! Those are SO FETCH!
by Lordy lordy October 10, 2004
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slang for awesome, cool, etc.
First appeared in the 2004 Film Mean Girls by Gretchen.
Gretchen: "That was so fetch!"
Reginia" "Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen. It's not going to happen."
by ayekaebayxo November 17, 2010
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an amazing slang for something that is AWESOME!!!!
Oh My God....that is So fetch. pip pip!!
by Straky Bacon March 8, 2009
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A term used by Westley in Amazon's old DB to construe Sanpete's repetitive behaviour
Sanpete, you are so fetch.
by best dawgs ever December 29, 2010
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Made popular by the movie mean girls. meaning:thats cool, popular(as in an item),hot,pretty baisicly anything good.
"Describe this shirt,thats so fetch!"
by Danielle Something April 21, 2006
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It is used to randomly to give your sentence some spice.
Omgg!! I love your fit, its so-fetch.
by Your Slang Best-Friend July 11, 2023
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