A very peculiar person of the bad variety who doesn't even have facial hair
That guy is an absolute weirdo beardo what a freak
by Loztivo January 10, 2020
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To be completely abnormal from the image in which society has conditioned each individual to accept.!
He’s a WeirDoe for following his heart and dreams.!
by Da WeirDoe October 04, 2020
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The state of being a super hero without being super, but being a weirdo instead.
Wow Amber you really saved me back there, you're my weirdo hero!
by Golden ponyboy August 06, 2015
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someone who acts undeniably weird and knows it and then refers to themselves as such. a positively quirky term used among friends only.
I'm a weirdo with a diagnosis!
by Stylrfetish101 April 20, 2018
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usually means the person who said it loves you and would do anything for you but tries to hide it because they are shy
“i love you i mean you hecking weirdo 🙄”
by shoshsksbsmss March 07, 2020
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When your mum fixed fences and you’re as skinny as the stick under a tree
Damn broski as if his mum fixes fences what a weirdo they’re all as skinny as his legs, his mums really a fence fixing weirdo
by Ur dog ugly November 22, 2020
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