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(verb) to turn an legal- but still frowned upon by society- behavior into a trend or fad.

N.B: this definition refers to a recent (ca 2008-2011) event in The United States where a man physically attached helium balloons to his lawn chair, trying to build a flying machine. He somewhat succeeded; he took took flight but crashed into some electrical wires a few miles from his house.
a boy starts attaching helium balloons to a lawn chair in his backyard

his mother comes into the backyard and starts shrieking at him: Adam, what the beep are you doing?

Adam: can i finish what I'm doing without being bloody disturbed? I am trying to attach balloons to amateur flying machine building among modern idiotagers, what in previous generations was called teenagers.

mother: stop living underwater you stupid devil.
by sexydimma March 23, 2013
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