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Sluts who jump from guy to guy and use them to get attention.
She is such a th0t. She’s already on a new guy since her breakup last week.
by Thotpatrol420 July 17, 2018
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A female who takes social acceptance in biology to survive, to a whole different level. Using modern tech, she (Even some men) utilizes outreach to thousands and thousands of users via Instagram, Fb, Snapchat and streaming services like Twitch to flaunt her sexual appeal, and gain likes as a way to show a false social hierarchy, and validation as a human, however really is just a vessel to nut in on or to.

She is not loyal what so ever, and will use you to impress her friends and fill an empty gap in her life, which of course is the need for validation and social power, subconsciously and biologically to our ansestors means a way to survive. Most are not very intelligent, believe they are in control, dance to rap music that literally degrades them as a human, and homie hops.

What's most sad, is they've become but a zombie to today's technology, being a sex object to other men on social media, who only like their pictures not in a show of social acceptance or saying "wow you must be a great person" but more so for a chance to get a crack at that notorious cliche Instagram monkey.
Joe 1- Hey man, did you see Emma's slutty picture on Instagram? Man she's so sexy I might wife that"

Joe 2- Nah dude, that's a Th0t you don't want that for life. You know Sarah? Yeah I've been talking to her, she actually respects herself, respects education and realizes you can make a life outside of Social media."

Joe 1- Wow, man you're right you got yourself a good one."
by SteelCity77 September 05, 2018
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