Someone who is normally shy, but extremely outgoing via text message.
Jorge is really shy when you meet him, but if you get his number he will text you all the time. He is such a textrovert.
by Anastacia Alexandria September 27, 2011
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Someone who expresses their personality through texting rather than introversion or extroversion.
Murtha-If you keep texting me Peter, people are going to think you're a textrovert once I tell them.
Peter-No, no don't tell them! My image is on the line, if they find out I'm really like that they will bully me with extroversion that's no fun if you're a textrovert like me!
by Paulie the Guard January 26, 2017
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A portmanteau of text and extrovert, see sexting. It is a noun used to denounce someone who prefers texting over actual human interaction. A textrovert, while not a textbook introvert (no pun intended) would probably be closer to introvert on a introvert-extrovert continuum.
Jane: How'd your date go with Bob?
Christina: Not good. We barely talked, until we left, then he texted just short of a novel.
Ella: Classic Textrovert. OTTNO, girls.
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by Mart Sass May 21, 2018
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Textrovert: A generally shy person who is able to best express themselves through texts and social media. A person who communicates best through texts and other textual media.
Oh my God! Shelly is usually so shy but online she's totally wild! She's a complete textrovert!
by Gremlin517 January 24, 2019
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Someone who seems bubbly and extroverted through text message but when you meet them they're very introverted.
Peyton seemed very outgoing and bubbly by her texting but I guess she's just a textrovert.
by Jorchael57 July 22, 2018
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