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The act of text dating to the point where you fall in deep love and end up driving to where the lover is living at so you can date them in real life and or eventualy have sex.
similer to the movie sex drive but with a phone.

similer to text relationship sexting text-drive
(man)you are going to california just to see her?

(guy)yea so what.

(man)thats five states away!

(guy)its a text-drive bro learn to deal with it. >:(
by $~MAD~$~DOG~$ July 13, 2010
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The urge or compulsion to text, tweet, or comment. Analogous to sex drive, varying enormously from one person to another, and depending on circumstances at a particular time.
She asked me to follow her back on Twitter, but I explained it would be unsatisfying because we had different text drives; I was more of a few times a week type and she was more of a several times a day type.
by Callaman May 17, 2011
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