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The practice of a driver leering at another car whose driver is texting while driving (TWD), thus distracting the gawking driver. Thus, Leering While Texting While Driving (LWTWD).
I nearly rear-ended a semi while staring at some lady texting on her Crackberry while driving 80 miles per hour. LWTWD (Leering While Texting While Driving) is nearly as dangerous as TWD!
by DJ_Jagged June 29, 2009
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Urine that inadvertently splatters on a guy's cellphone as he text messages while standing at and using the urinal.
1. Hey homie, wrap up that cellphone in a plastic cover to protect it from text splatter!

2. To avoid text splatter, try sending text messages while sitting on the crapper!
by DJ_Jagged August 26, 2009
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