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An artificial, pseudonymical, acronymaceus, sobriquet, synthesized from a short, familiar form of "Texas" and "lex" (Greek for "word" and Latin for "law"), assumed by the original designator (and oft adopted by numerous pretenders of varying quality and trailing digital suffixii), intended, hoped, and/or calculated to represent, exhibit, and/or affect or convey a demonstrably but circumspectly delivered and highly qualified pretension to an enlightened, lettered, refined, urbane style of semantictious discourse, while completely, successfully, and self-pleasuringly avoiding legal liability, responsibility, and/or abuse for anything expressed or suggested, stated, not stated, and/or implied or not implied in any fashion, typically by employing and stringing together a sufficiently strained series of prolixly faux erudite acute and/or obtusely quasi-redundant juxtapositions of implicit and/or explicit notations, annotations, connotations, salutations, pointless alliterations, and/or self-coined words, phrases, and/or memes, clever and often inscrutably non sequitorial turns of phrase, outrageously banal phrase after endlessly loathsome phrase, discarding and, at the same, scruptulously adhering to no particular and rigourously to certain bizarre strategies and/or lack of same (i.e., extant non conventions) respecting ~aberrant usages^of^punctuation, grammar, stYle, voice (vox/voce), idiom (including idiomatopeia), and effectively obfuscating, corrupting, punnischingand/or ironizing subject matter for one's own twisted and idiosyncratically rewarding benefit, amusement, and/or entertainment in a manner likely to simply piss off time (British usage), vent venom by penning an anticipatorily unsent riposte in response to a random objectionable email forward, and/or to further fuel an undeniably undeserved, but well-earned, although self-effacingly and adamantly deflected, modestly-expressed, non sense of superiority...because he's a Texas lawyer, dammit...or because he obsequiously imagines that a culimating, pandering attempt at complimenting the present venue and its diligently attentive censors will persuade any deciding said officials to approve this tortuously expansive self-reference (see beginning of entry).
Politicians, philosophers, and the insane are often guilty (or, not guilty by reason of connections, obscurity, or insanity, in that order) of a texlex when they speak much and say nothing.
by texlex1961 January 29, 2009
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