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Someone from the HIGHLANDS of Scotland. NOT always from the East coast as everyone likes to think. Usually come from rural areas of the highlands, where Gaelic is spoken in parts. Often mocked for our 'heeland' accents and lack of knowledge about city living. Most think we live in an area with no technology, but we too have broadband, mobile phones and TV.

Basically the Scottish equivalent of an American hick.
I'm from the North West Highlands, and I'M PROUD TO BE A TEUCHTER!
by ChristinaD December 28, 2007
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A person of the country who goes around saying 'me likes to ferrrm..!' 'Fit like..?, 'Michty me..!',
'Foos yer beasts..?'
'Are ya a blawin ora local...'
by Ian the Bruce October 21, 2004
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Tuechter - Person from more insignificant area's of Scotland than Glasgow, e.g. Edinburgh, or Frazer from Fraserburgh who likes to follow the tartan army and quote braveheart a lot.
Often several years culturally behind Glasgow and surrounding area in terms of popular culture, particularly music and fashion wise.
Tend to be unfriendly, with irritating accents and a bizarre, deluded belief of superiority to Glasgwegians and people from west central Sotland.
Angus MacWilliam: Ya fackin' weegie soapdodgin; bastaerds!!
Glaswegian: Wow, the lack of local NHS dentists and lack of diversity of the genepool here in teuchterville has become a cause for concern.
by Mystic McLeanzo June 18, 2007
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