An electric top of the line car that anybody would want. made by our Lord and Savior Elon Musk. So you know you can trust it. Also, the cars model names spell s3xy.
Person 1: did you hear about the new Tesla?
Person 2: yeah the model Y sound dope!
Person 1: Yeah, I wish I had the money and patience.
by S0me idiot March 17, 2019
The most majestic electric vehicle knoen to man, driven by none other than Marcos B Vlogs
I be Rollin in Da Tesla
by PhoneticPronunciation April 10, 2018
Amazing and loves to party if you're at a party you better hope tesla is gonna be there she is crazy but also chill she's so beautiful and funny
Dude wis tesla gonna be at the party tonight

Idk I hope so tho
by Helloitspoppy January 24, 2017
A group of people who drive Tesla's, live in a mansion, and practice witchcraft. They are the type of people who drink Red Bull with a metal straw to save the turtles.
How can I join the Tesla Coven?
Well, just buy a Red Bull and drink it with a metal straw.
by Crayon Pop January 25, 2020
In a phrase Nikola Tesla > Charlie Sheen, Nyan Cat, Chuck Norris, and any other so-called win people added, then raised exponentially to the power of a googolplex. This dude invented the polyphase alternating current system, fluorescent lighting, had OCD (especially with the number 3), caused an earthquake, might have invented a time travel machine but blueprints destroyed in lab fire, was the true inventor of radio, helped develop a necessary logic gate called an "AND" gate, and lots more. The best thing he did though, was invent the epic win Tesla Coil.
Nikola Tesla was far more influential on out lives than Edison, yet he gets only a paragraph, if any in textbooks. Nikola Tesla = WIN. And sadly he's dead and asexual. He's also somewhat hot.
by Fractal-Pterodactyl December 10, 2011
A "rusty Tesla" involves defecating on your partner during intercourse and sticking their finger in an empty light socket.
"I gave Brenda the gnarliest rusty Tesla the other day, she still has burns"
by John Beaversnatcher November 21, 2019
An amazing device invented by the great Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla (the greatest, yet least known, scientist of our time )that uses a Telsa transformer to create real lightning bolts of astronomical voltage and frequency. In fact, there's a Tesla transformer in your CRT monitor or TV.
"Man, I've gotta test my Tesla Coil -- I've just gotta find a way to hijack 500kW of power from the substation down the street."
by John Cactus August 15, 2005