An excuse, given for lack of a REAL excuse, normally used after ditching your friends at the last second.
See pull a nik.
(over the phone)
Guy 1: "Dude, where the hell are you? Are you coming over yet or what?"
Guy 2: "Sorry, I can't make it today."
Guy 1: "What?! Why the hell not?"
Guy 2: "I gotta fly to the moon."
Guy 1: "You suck, man."
by Makenshi February 23, 2006
To be spanked so hard in da booty that you start seeing start

this term is normally only seen in black couples
"Baby I'm gonna send you flying to the moon."
by Radittsu May 29, 2017
P1: Hey Bro, Have you heard of "Fly Me to the Moon?"
P2: No shit sherlock, It's an absolute banger
by Tanka007 September 29, 2019