Snobs who enjoy ruining weird kids lives.
Popular girls are sluts at my school.
by Unpopular girl November 10, 2009
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Stuck up pretty rich girls who pretend to love, but actually hate each other and can’t go 20 seconds without gossiping about there “friends” or people they don’t even know. Wear Abercrombie and Converse, do either volleyball or gymnastics and have perfect hair. Guys love them and fall for there nice girl act. Some teachers are best friends with them for some unknown reason.
Alexis: Selena is so annoying

Kali: I know right! Let me just finish commenting on your post “ilysm my girllllllll ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍” even though I just told Ava you think that every guy likes you. Popular girls
by 3009 July 5, 2018
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Usually bitchy and gets everything they want. Thinks there the best thing since sliced bread and have rights to do things which the "normal girls" don't, like...

1. Can use their latest phones in class, just so they can rub it in other peoples facess, distract students and phone eachother and then blame it on the girl no one likes.

2. Wear lots of make-up and don't turn up for school until late because they need to look "perfect".

3. You can't have fun around them. Do that, and there at your necks like a wild animal.

They also like to take the micky out of the less popular, even bully them sometimes.
Another thing is they like to say things like. "Oh my gosh!" Sigh at the end off every sentence, which is followed by her gang of bitchy friends, or say anything they think sounds good because they heard it from some lame show.
Popular girls

Popular girl1- Omg look at Mandy! She thinks that ugly pink leather hand bag looks good on her.

Popular girl2- Lets go talk to her.

Popular girl1- Hey Mandy, i loooove that bag!

Mandy- Really? Thanks, i love it too!

Popular girl2- Yeah, not really, we think it's fugly. *Giggle*

That very next week after Mandy chucked her bag away.

Popular girl1- Hey girls, check out my new bag! *Bag is the same as Mandy's*

Popular girl3- Oh wow! It looks amazing on you!

Popular girl1- I know, right?

Popular girl2- God i'm bored, lets go bully someone else.
by Mewmuh March 21, 2009
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The girls who think that they’re better than everybody else and are stuck up and fake. They think the world revolves around them but once they get to college they realize the world actually doesn’t and their heads need to get out of their asses. They’re usually sluts and date a bunch of different guys even if their bff already dated him. A typical popular girl conversation goes something like this

Anna: Jackie is dating Helen’s boyfriend now she is such a little slut and so far
Emma: I know right she’s such a hoe I don’t even know why we’re friends with her

Jackie: Hey guys
Anna: Jackie my bestie!
Emma: Jackie love you!
Popular girls are fake af.
by Hot Cheetos 420 February 6, 2019
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Problematic girls that make up rumors to cause drama. They looooove hearing about the latest tea and gossip. They're waaaayy to cocky and think they're the best people in the world. They've also most likely dated like all the cute boys in the grade, and they think they're the next Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, and Karen Smith, when in reality, no one can fill that role bc they're too iconic.
gossip girl 1: omg did you hear about Stacey?
gossip girl 2: omg what happened?
gossip girl 1: i heard from Rachel that she broke up with Kyle AND got a
boob job all on the same day!
regular girl: ugh, you guys are such popular girls.
by 🌻_aria_🌻 November 21, 2019
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They are usually typical bitches and some are sometimes nice. They act like they can be so cool and talk to everyone except the “unpopular kids” if you are one of there friends and your kind of unpopular they will ignore you when they are around there friends. They always try bragging about how much stuff they have just to be a bitch and they try to be the teachers pet with every thing. They try being trendy and dying there hair blonde (like bleach blonde). They are usually stuck up also which really bothers me. If your popular that’s good for you! 👏🏻
Bailey: hey Hannah look at that girl over there
Hannah: ewww she looks disgusting, I am never talking to her
Bailey: me either, I’m too good for her. We are popular girls
by Hiiiiiiiamawaffle November 14, 2018
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A-holes who wear ambracrappy every day. Said girls are blond everyday whether they are born blond or not. Stupid. They dont have any effection to anyone. Words in their vocabulary are:
"Hot Guys"
Look at the popular girls look at the hot guys and thier 'F's...
by johnny March 29, 2005
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