any girl who is so breathtakingly attractive that it's almost a little dangerous
"look at the girl with the breathtakingly attractive body so much so that it's almost dangerous..her name must be teff..."
by teff September 29, 2006
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A shortened word that refers to teflon coated (and often steel core) ammunition which, at close range will penetrate vests, engine blocks, kevlar helmets, etc. Teflon, a fluorocarbon, is the acclaimed "slipperiest substance" in the world, which makes it an effective cop killer.
Brotha Lynch: "nigga's got teffs in his nine"
by Hoopnasty May 2, 2006
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a mf
ur so teffe
by November 2, 2020
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a slang word from Farsi. meaning a group of people with unfortunate events

-romina o
"omg guys your so teff nation"
omg we got such a bad grade on our math test teff nation
by Neched 1 & Neched 2 March 29, 2021
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short form of the msn slang wtf aka double u tee eff (wtf). easier to say and saves time.
-our prof didn't show up for our final exam
-dub teff! that's redonculous!
by Dayna Connelly May 11, 2007
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Pronounced "double-yoo TEFF", it means "what the F***?!".
by MALKOVICH089 October 6, 2010
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