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A chat site created by a pedo in order to get cybered. It features many different room, which contain regs who sit online all day and troll all newfags who attempt to whore their fake myspaces.
cheerleader69: hay guyz, wanna add me?
Reg: Gtfo, you fucking cunt
cheerleader69: fuk u! ur a bitch! i'm leavin teenchat now by guyz add me
by Shuddup September 12, 2008
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A place I have only been to once or twice, where the people are trolls, rude, racist, hypocritical, dumb, pedophiles, losers, homophobic and just about anything bad you can think of.

All they do is talk shit behind their stolen/reserved screennames with their high karma count (indicating they have no life and exist horribly outside of the chat room) and over use memes.
Full of horny "girls", immature trolls who want e-sex and are most likely men in their late 50s.
Post their disgusting nudes and laugh at anyone trying to be nice.
A lot like imvu but with less options.
Has no mods, which means people have absolutely no chill whatsoever
Do not go there if you want to maintain your sanity and will to live.
dirtyoldman enters the chat...
Bustygirl13: any boys want to trade nudes
(Insert Automated Chat room bot, most likely named anikka): skyipe anikka_sexy-16
AmandaPanda: hey guys anyone want to be friends? :)
(Name changed to protect this douche bag's identity) Logry: fuck you Amanda kill yourself dirty slut (insert LOL emote)
AmandaPanda leaves the room...
Greg: any young girls from Yorkshire 16 and under want to get payed for sex pm me.
chazz: the fuck is this shit?
dana enters the room...
thirstyjohns: hi dana
Nuugi: *sadness depression tragedy* :(
skinheadUK: you're a nigger
Molly: I'm voting for Hillary Clinton, cause she's a woman
Verde: rip harambe
snooki: I like a e s t h e t i c s
jewelruiner: there is no God

akazien: fuck you Steve

kadilja: ... I have crippling depression
coon leaves the room...
accidentallyfukedSis enters the room...
yeezy: (insert jaden smith soundin ass sentence here)
iAngle: (post picture of teenchat user here) haha look at this monkey (LOL emote)
{Sudden crash and everyone leaves the room}
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by Fxxk it November 03, 2016
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A place where losers on the internet can get away from reality and pretend to themselves that they are capable of ever finding a sexual partner. People here engage in 'cyber sex'.

cheerleaderbabe28: hey u ever been on teenchat?
massivestud001: na wat u wearin?
cheerleaderbabe28: nuffin, u?
massivestud001: same. sweet.
by Mentalist January 04, 2007
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