The condition of scaly dryness of the skin between the balls and the butt.
Chip uses Gold Bond Powder or Blue Star Ointment for his tedder.
by irish domination December 8, 2005
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To be an asshole. Or a douche. Must be overweight and really confused
That dude is a tedder. He just eats big macs and fucks around.. i wouldnt talk to that guy...
by A9056861634 February 6, 2018
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Ryan Tedder is an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. As well as being the lead vocalist for the pop rock band OneRepublic , he has an independent career as a songwriter and producer for various artists. His band is known from hits like Counting Stars, Apologize, Love Runs Out, Stop And Stare and a soundtrack from 13 Reasons Why , called Start Again.
Person 1: I love OneRepublic! It's my favourite band!
Person 2: Yeah, mine too! The frontman Ryan Tedder is so handsome and has beautiful voice!
by Stormer September 3, 2018
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A group of deranged homosexuals that pretend to hunt grouse in the woods of NH.
Be sure to bring your shotgun and massage oil to the Tedders Gang Meeting this friday.
by TedTim June 26, 2008
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An actual fucking god. Breckin Tedders has a gigantic penis. Sculpted like a Greek statue, Breckin Tedders is easily the hottest motherfucker that ever lived.
Damn, that nigga is a Breckin Tedders!
by Breckin Tedders May 24, 2022
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Once an unsettling fact about the Nazis or Hitler is posted in an online forum, the probability of a comparison to Trump or Conservatives approaches. An addendum to "Godwin's Law," as it carries the same result of ending any meaningful discussion.
On a Reddit post about Hitler or the Nazis, there will be people in the comments comparing them to Trump or other Conservatives thus invoking Tedder's Law.
by Goose_ October 29, 2018
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A stupid ass bitch that doesn't know what the fuck she's doing 99.9% of the time. She will be lonely for the rest of her life. The only thing/person that kinda likes her is her dog. Is the biggest slut you'll ever meet.
Stop being such a Brooke Tedder you dumb hoe.
by HeatherRaeWright June 27, 2018
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