A company (like Google) that uses technology to create a monopoly in one area of commerce or society. Becomes so big that it is essentially the de facto government in that area. See also NSA and fascism.
Uber is a technopoly. Also, Google, Amazon, and Github are technopolies.
by runvnc August 25, 2015
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1)A metropolis that is littered with high technology like computers and robotics to the point it becomes part of the city's culture and/or religion.

(Today's cities only display the early stages of this phenomenon in the form of large TV screens, lights, people with robotic prosthetic limbs and various other technolgies.)

2) A technopolis is a city where robots and cyborgs are so commonplace that complex computers, robotic parts and artificial intelligence programs can be seen in trash bins and/or are sold freely on the street.

3)A common setting in science fiction stories.
Tokyo may become a technopolis in the future (if it isn't already).

Any 'Future Tokyo' in an anime likely IS a technopolis.

See Ghost In The Shell
by TheForkOfJustice October 27, 2004
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