A person who has a lot experience with a variety of computing technologies, including networking, sys admining, programming, and researching shit on the internet, and can very quickly pick up new technologies. Typically good at communicating and teaching.
The new, radical press organization in town is hiring a few staff technologist to train journalist on how to encrypt their emails.
by rivergods April 1, 2015
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Using technology to streamline logistical tasks.
Wow, you're really technologistical with that blackberry!
by drgroove206 November 20, 2006
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Someone who owns technology, doesn't know how to even use it but claims to be tech savy
Person 1: I consider myself a technologist of sorts, check out this cool new phone I got!

Person 2: Can you get email on that phone?

Person 1: I don't know, I'll just have the apple genius do it for me
by tech support July 11, 2013
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One who makes an architects' sketches a reality. This involves incorporating the following:
Structural elements so the building stands up;
Services so that the building caters for the end user;
Compliance with Building Standards with respect to fire escape, disabled access and a thousand other considerations;
Finishes that keep the weather out and are actually suited to the local environment.

They are generally fluent in CAD, and are miracle workers.
The Architectural Technologist acts as interpreter between architect and contractor, and understands their respective roles better than they do themselves.
by Al Macmillan April 25, 2007
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