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Someone who owns technology, doesn't know how to even use it but claims to be tech savy
Person 1: I consider myself a technologist of sorts, check out this cool new phone I got!

Person 2: Can you get email on that phone?

Person 1: I don't know, I'll just have the apple genius do it for me
by tech support July 11, 2013
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1. Shared Services are a small group of people that strive to be of the quality of others in their company. IE: Tech Support.

2. Shared Services are often found clinging to the bottom of feet late at night

3. Shared Services are a group of people that don't have an official job title so get dubbed Shared Services as the only explanation for their existance
As of this printing the Shared Services phenomenon is still being investigated. But, is believed to be Alien in nature from original testing.
by tech support August 12, 2004
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