The best music ever! Many techno music comes from europe too. They are played at clubs and have a beat in it that makes you wanna dance!
Today I bought a cd with my favorite techno songs!
by DitzySteph June 26, 2004
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annoying, treble-heavy music for queers and Europeans, mostly played at dance clubs in big cities
Techno is horrible music, almost as bad as rap!
by T-Ro May 08, 2006
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adj. retarded, not cool, antithesis of something dank
Having a curfew is so techno.
Techno music is way techno
by ikilledkenny September 07, 2005
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A music quite diffent from trance, house, progressive, and euro still has beats but they are more electronic/classical.
man f techno, euro's the party polak shizznit
by lil polak July 10, 2005
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Along with it's sub-genre Drum n Bass, Techno is the greatest form of music known to man. Many other forms of music incorporate techno into their songs, then add shitty lyrics and call it something else. Many times compared similarly to dance, rave, jungle, etc. Created by DJ's.
Techno is a kick-ass form of music that 0wnz ALL other forms of music!!!
by XHC August 05, 2003
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it was created by a man masturbating in rhthym with his goat eating grass outside, while his dog was slirping up the cats nose, and he realized... it made a beat. A Beat, baby beat, a beat, baby beat, whack my cock, beat, lick my cat's ass, beat, baby, beat, yes, wet cock baby beat, goat eating wheat, beat, beat...

Yeah well... It was really made by the Catholics, so... that's why it sucks.
Catholic: "techno is awesome, like Elizabeth Smart! Yay!"
Me: "wtf... I'm leaving you... freaky."
by exodus April 28, 2004
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A coordinated mix of electric sounds that some cultists refer to as music. Sometimes believed to be an updated version of disco. Characterized by a drumbeat that always puts a bass hit on the downbeat, an open hi-hat hit on the upbeat and closed on the downbeat, and a mm setting of c 150. In addition, there is always a complete lack of musical instruments, as all sounds are simulated on a computer. Most often listened to by a male demographic between ages 12 and 25, nearly all of which is uneducated in music and incapable of playing an instrument. Synonym: signal indicator Antonym: music
All he listens to is techno.
by Bluepies February 09, 2005
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