The art of mocking a human of the male variety who is sadly lacking his foreskin, an important component of every good trouser snake.
'So, Birdy, I hear you don't have a foreskin'

'Stop teasting meeee'

'Teasting you is the best fun I can have with everything. Shut up woman-bitch-thing'
by Bitch =] May 8, 2008
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Came From The Word "Beast"
Straight Out Of Scarsdale NY
"Beast" is the catch phrase for the section of scarsdale "edgewood".
The kids from edgewood are obsessed with the word "Beast"
so Fazeman, and DJ Bun Bun gave them a new word to obsesse about...

(also replaces many curse words the scarsdale sports program)
"Teeasst Woodies 03"

"F***...i mean Teast, Teast!"
by Jamie Goldberg April 12, 2007
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A declaration of homosexuality. Started in Scarsdale, NY, the word serves to alert everyone around the person who says the word of their need for cock. This started as the population of gays in Edgewood, a neighborhood of Scarsdale, grew so dramatically there had to be a more efficient way for people to know that someone was gay. To this day everyone in Edgewood is gay.

teasting- to come out of the closet, to get fucked up the ass by a man

teaster- one whose asshole has become so loose from teasting that they become a "master of the teast"
Josh S. :TEAST

Josh S. Yeah, so all you teasters out there, you guys can now fuck me in the ass.
by Mobil October 31, 2007
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I was going down on him, and I saw a teast. Now I have to get tested.
by Malily Fralass March 23, 2007
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A word which originated in the rich New York suburb of Scarsdale. Its founders are rich white teenagers, who being exempt from inner city slang but still attracted to it, invented their own shitty version. Teast´s meaning varies from user to user, from day to day, from tool to tool. It can, simultaneously, be a reference to sexual acts, and be used as an expression of ´cool´. Such a problem is that most people in Scarsdale don´t understand the definition of the word ´cool´ itself. Hence the various problems in defining the word ´teast´.
Exampe n. 1:

John: dude, that party in Edgewood was amazing. I got so high!

Sam: Dude, so teast!

Example. 2:

Dan: That girl I deflowered was so teast!
by bjornismymothersname August 30, 2009
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