Just literally completely ruining and destroying some pussy or ass. Just fucking making that shit disappear. Causing the lining of one's pussy or ass to just cease to exist. God-like destruction of a hole, total annihilation. One cannot come back from such a cataclysmic event.
Friend 1: Omg, she just sent a booty pic...
Friend 2: Are you gonna tear shit up?
by GooneryTypeBeat October 22, 2019
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To mess something/someone up for fun/no apparent reason.

Something to do when boredom sets in.
Alex and Lauren fuckin' tear shit up on a regular basis, ya heard?
by Lauren October 23, 2004
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To fuck a bitch real hard. To have wild, rough sex with a girl.
*sees hot girl* ''man im gonna tear that shit up boi!''
by beetch November 30, 2004
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to have sex with a women really hard
dude ima tear that shit up. dude totaly tear that shit up shes so hott
by sarrif95 January 26, 2009
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