Slang for Taco Bell a fast food resturante that serves cheap food and is frequented by kid when intoxicated.
We got ripped and went to tbell for dinner. It was sweet.
by That Man September 22, 2005
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1. To insert one's distended labia into the open mouth of an unsuspecting, usually unconcious, prone person. Also see teabag

2. The act of destroying the trust of many through purposefull fraudulent acts.
1. "Im going to tbelle you for letting us wipe on that pull"

2. "Oh man, I cant believe you did that to me, Ive been totally tbelled."
by Elvisthegoalie March 1, 2007
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In soccer, when a player shoots the ball way wide of the goal. Can also be used as a noun (see example)
That shot wasn't even close. Stop pulling a TBell and get the ball on goal.

Stop being a TBell and just pass the fuckin ball.
by Thizzle B. Hyphy September 30, 2006
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The satisfying feeling that one receives when knowing that TacoBell sells a $.99 burrito
padilla bear: "Dude did ya see!"
bill: "No man, whats up?"
padilla bear: "Tacobell has a new $.99 burrito!"
bill: "No way bro! That gave me a Tbell Erector"
padilla bear: "Same here man"
by snuffy3000 December 30, 2011
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What people say when they want to go to Taco Bell. Usually only annoying people talk like this.
Guy1: "Hey man, do you want to hitup the Tbell?"
Guy2: "Do you have to be such an annoying little fuck?"
by bekahUNLEASHED November 4, 2009
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