A word that means girl or girlfriend. Used mainly within surf and lifesaving circles in the province of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Can be used to substitute chick, bird or betty.
What is Jackson's tazo's name? She is a hotty.

Lauren from Psychology class is an awesome tazo.
by Beeby June 12, 2007
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A tea company that emphasizes highly on New Age wisdom. It also sells a myriad variety of teas, as well as bottled juiced tea, iced tea, and tasty latte mixes that you combine with milk (or a milk substitute) to make a satisfying drink. These lattes come in such flavors as Vanilla Chai, Organic Chai, and Matcha.
Tazo is the best substitute for Starbucks anyday!
by tony s. March 10, 2004
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Picho tazo means: I’m trying to fuck

Plain and simple.

Picho tazo is only to be used when wanting to fuck your girlfriend or Close Partner(Married).

(Or) wanting to fuck a girl/woman you’ve just met…Again Plain and simple.
You and your girlfriend or (Close Partner aka married) are having an interesting conversation for a while

You: Picho Tazo Lol

Basically whenever you want some pussy you say Pich Tazo and if she doesn’t understand what that means explain to her the definition of Pich tazo…Plain and simple.
by nick bourne August 14, 2023
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To slap a bitch. The spanish version...It is said with sass! It is shouted with the hand gesturing of a slap.
K: She is such a B-word!
G: Puta Tazo!
by K-monay January 18, 2010
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A word to describe a large penis, or a hot guy.
"Woah, look at that guy's big King Tazo!".
"Oh man, he's so sexy! Definately a King Tazo."
by ya mams bf mate December 24, 2009
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