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Taysias are very indepentdant. They are goofy, funny, and very pretty. You will love them. They dont express there feelings, so dont try to get close. They are tall and are usually bi-racial. They have curly brown hair and pretty brown eyes. Taysias are loyal and and sometimes selfish and self centered but they mean well. You will love them
Everyone loves taysia!
by Shelby Graham February 20, 2012
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Taysia's are funny, goofy and they speak their mind. They're smart and love animals. They're loyal but betray them and you'll regret it.
Taysia's love a good fight but will only get into one if it's necessary. They can be self centred sometimes but dont worry, they won't mean to hurt anyone. Taysia's are normally bi-racial with beautiful brown eyes, a button nose and a charming smile.

Their laugh is amazing, annoying sometimes, but amazing and they hate silence. Any silence will definitely be interrupted by Taysia.

If you ever meet a Taysia then your a really lucky person.
Everyone Adores Taysia!
"Taysia's so annoying, she chats too much. Does she ever shut up?"

"But she still makes everything funny, I mean, look at detension yesterday."

"True lol."
by IamTaytatots! June 11, 2018
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