tax that ass = pimp a ho
im going to tax that ass, make money from a ho
by FreddyDog October 18, 2005
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To have rough but enjoyable sex with someone; wanting to have sex
Shawty bad as hell, if she let me fuck Ima TAX that ass
by Hung yu May 5, 2017
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He knocked out my brother last night so when I find him I'm gonna tax that ass!
by Mainland joker July 21, 2011
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This phrase can be broken up into two parts. "Tax That Ass" is to have sex with a female in a manner that depletes the energy of the female; in a sense, "taxing" her stamina. The second part, "Like Woah," emphasizes the taxing of the ass.

1) That bitch desires my penis, I'm about to tax that ass like woah!
by Markobrad October 18, 2006
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