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A subtle bouncing or jiggling of one's booty while maintaining a relatively neutral upper body. The motion originates with the feet, typically shoulder width apart, performing an ever so slight hopping motion while maintaining rigidity throughout the legs. The stiffness of the legs allows the bounce to reverberate upward and amplify once reaching the booty. A common precursor to the twerk (or, to analogize, the booty laugh) and various other dance moves, a giggle is often performed as a means to transition from one move to another or to augment the sexuality of the routine.
"Shuffling is basically booty giggles and footwork."
by Markobrad July 9, 2016
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Young, round, plump ass cheeks. The shape resembles freshly baked muffins.
-Mmm, those muffin buns sure look tasty!
by Markobrad October 18, 2006
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This phrase can be broken up into two parts. "Tax That Ass" is to have sex with a female in a manner that depletes the energy of the female; in a sense, "taxing" her stamina. The second part, "Like Woah," emphasizes the taxing of the ass.

1) That bitch desires my penis, I'm about to tax that ass like woah!
by Markobrad October 18, 2006
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mexican slang used in place of "that's cool", "bad ass!", "hell yea!", "for shizzle", etc.
1) Look at that naked bitch over there! BEEN RIGHT!

2) Bob: Let's smoke some crack and then go scuba diving.
by Markobrad October 18, 2006
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