Talk arguing = Targuing.

When people are in a disagreement but do not raise their voice or make exaggerated hand gestures or facial expression's, as well as all body language. May evolve into a full blown argument. An Argument with extreme voice change and body language is called a heated argument.

Both parties disagreeing about something they respond to in a more complacent than passionate manner.

Parties responding to one another in a controlled manner when disagreement arises.

It is seen most often with long time married couples who quarrel about things in a behaved manner.

It can also happen during in a friendly debate with friends, or in class room/work space discussions.

May end in parties "agreeing to disagree" or escalade into a "Heated Argument

People who master taruging with one another (often times long time friends) can do it so well that unless one can actually hear what they are saying, it would be hard to tell that they are in a disagreement.
"Mom, you and Dad argue about everything!"--- " NO, Honey, not really. We are not upset at one another if that is what you mean, we are only targuing. We don't have to agree on everything!"

"You just love to argue about everything" -- "No, I do not, I am only targuing with you. I just find that often I do not agree with what you say, and I feel inclined to have just as much of an opinion as you do."
by Hannah Bananabomb February 23, 2012
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