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The language spoken (typed) by tards, usually in an attempt to sound cool and fit in with one's friends (who are also tards).

note: The term 'tard' here takes on a meaning closer to that of 'n00b'.
heyz wat r uz up 2??
i waz juz doin dis net fingy ere
omgz! gtg now cyaz!!!11
by StormCyko July 12, 2004
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Originally coined by StormCyko, tardish is an extention to the english language and its words or acronymes by adding z to the end. It is most observed by young teenagers although most grow out of it in latter years.
lolz (as opposed to LOL)
omgz (as opposed to OMG)
by ASIO_BOB February 26, 2004
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How do you confuse a dumb person...
I dont know how do you confuse a dumb person?
...thats just tardish.
by Triple J October 08, 2005
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The word "Tardish" is actually the language of the Tard - the average teenage male. It usually consists of a bunch of mangled up sounds/noises, (as though one is about to shit, or has a case of the lazy tongue) ending with a word usually depicting the current emotion of the Tard.
Angry Tardish: Bleuh nyih! jubble nubba! Baaad!

Happy Tardish: Ooh blah? Jeebee kabader! Kibble kibble lollypop!
by Dulong November 20, 2006
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