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tangie; is a nice girl, from the south. She is surrounded by guys every where she walks. She's not a whore. She is an very liked person. Get's along well with other's. She does not put up with shit. She's country.
WOW! Look at tangie getting all the guys! I wish was that lucky!
by Maggi Yanzi June 10, 2009
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Tangie is a strand of weed you can buy from the deep web for £45. This is great because it can be delivered in 6 days!
1"Bro, how did you get that my tangie?"
2"I got it off the deep web for £45, g."
1"oh mad might have to copp!"
by BigBoyAOR February 01, 2019
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Some one who cheats you out of money. Loves sending pussy videos. And my have stds
That bitch tangie from tangie land tattoos gave bob an STD after he pulled out and got a tattoo
by Asshole you crossed November 27, 2019
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