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1) To move the garbage from indoors to outdoors so that the sanitation people may take it to a landfill.
2) Term used, usually in movies, where the good guy gives the bad guy(s) what's coming to them.
"It's time to take out the trash!" said the hero before he bludgeoned the villain with a lead pipe.
by Sean Piece October 15, 2003
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To get rid off something that is otherwise in the way using violence.
Weak Kid is being attacked by randomly Violent Kid.
Weak Kid: "Oh dear, please don't hurt me anymore"
Weak Kid's friend who will protect Weak Kid: "Time to take out the trash...."
by Randomly Violent Kid November 20, 2006
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Code expression for getting the girl (or guy) you brought home last night to leave. Often used so that the subject does not know they are being talked about.
Joe laying in bed next to girl yells through wall- "Yo, we need to take out the trash"
Bob yells back- "Mine took itself out this morning."
by JewJew International April 02, 2017
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