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Meaning you are an crown in Hindi

He or she will grow up to be a great leader and he or she are very loyal, have a great scence of humor and he or she will always have your back they we're meant to stand out from the crowd because there beautiful in there own way which makes them unique because he or she are one in a billion
He is wearing an taj

Hey that's taj
by Kelsey playne April 19, 2017
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Loving, Caring, Sweet, Intelligent, Great at everything he/she does. Superstar in the making. And also ladies normally have a huge dick
Taj is great
by Taj November 02, 2014
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Taj is the greatest guy you will ever meet. He is super cute, loving and caring. He's very athletic and has a bright future in sports. Taj mostly plays basketball alot and is very loyal.
Uuugh i wish my boyfriend was Taj.
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A word to be used when describing who cool someone/something is/looks/feel/talks/tastes
"That guy is so Taj!"

"OMG!You look so Taj right now!"

"That skirt is so Taj-ing"

"This icecream is so Taj"

by a guy named Taj January 01, 2009
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Bella: Dude yo mommas so fat she could be the eighth continent.
Amy: What the hell man, thats my mom your talking about .
Bella: Damn Taj man! I was kidding!
by Amysauruss January 26, 2010
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