Meaning you are an crown in Hindi

He or she will grow up to be a great leader and he or she are very loyal, have a great scence of humor and he or she will always have your back they we're meant to stand out from the crowd because there beautiful in there own way which makes them unique because he or she are one in a billion
He is wearing an taj

Hey that's taj
by Kelsey playne April 19, 2017
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a sick cunt with a 14 inch dick some1 u dont wanna fight or ur fucked and fucking loves sex does it nearly every day
what a taj
by bruhballr August 5, 2019
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is the universal word like yo
dude what do you mean?
by Per March 1, 2005
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The Nuclear Test in Worms World Party. It was given the nickname "Taj" because it's icon looks like the Taj Mahal.
The Full Wormage sux0rs. The pricks in my 3rd period use it, and they just taj and donkey each other to death. It is so ghey!
by Hand Hanzo February 6, 2005
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He’s very kind but don’t get on his bad side or he might just say some things he will end up regretting. A pretty big dick, not in the good way. He can be loyal just chooses not to, not very trustworthy, but hey he tries.
girl: yo i like that kid taj
friend: no one likes a taj
by chef’s bitch May 5, 2019
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taj is a lanky nonce that t loves fried chicken and not many people know but taj is actually really intelligent and he's a nice person
by BIG BOBS DICK 69 November 15, 2021
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a taj is an extremely rude and annoying person. this person never gets a joke and gets chased around by buff guys that want to beat him up
person 1: I hate taj

person 2: ikr he never gets a joke
by ihatetaj June 2, 2020
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