An affectionate term used to describe farting, flatulance, or offensive odors and/or sounds originating from the rectum.
"Her tailwind is about the loudest I've ever heard."

"Tommy was mighty proud of his powerful tailwind."

"If you can't beat 'em, blow 'em away with tailwind."
by April 9, 2006
The occasion when one farts while walking down the street and the prevailing air currents make said odor follow the perpetrator for several city blocks, preventing their escape and blocking deniability.
Bob innocently passed gas, but the tailwind tailwind made sure that everyone knew it was him.
by Verbiose Cop July 8, 2013
The act of passing gas as you walk, leaving a wake of unpleasant smell behind you
Johnny was tailwinding down Park Avenue, much to the dismay of those walking behind him.
by kidmuto April 22, 2010