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A basted account is a bank account that belongs to someone else , secured/resulting in an unexpected pregnancy from an opportunistic 3rd party.
A BASTED ACCOUNT just made sense to her, the only way she would get any of JACK’s money was if she suddenly became pregnant.
by MILLER604M May 21, 2021
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Idiotcunt is a non-engendered pronoun that applies to individuals who have placed themselves on pedestals and enjoy reeking havoc and making spectacles of people they have deemed to be worthless. Their tactics hold no honour and consist of all time lows. Idiotcunts are often the leaders of mindless bandwagons......
Their role as Idiotcunt hit an all time low when they explained that their son's co -workers had a right to know how he spent his private time when not working , so they put a webcam in his room and encouraged his workmates to openly discuss what they had viewed whilst near him .
by MILLER604M January 20, 2022
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The newest definition for taillights focuses on the word being used as a salutation - The Taillights Salutation Goodbye/Bonvoyage...can be sung as well , drawing out every last letter...Taaaaaaiilllliggghttsss
A musical rendering of Taaaaaiilllllllllligggghhhtttssss"brought the lowly rap scallion to their knees and set the stage for their newest sub level of rock bottom ...all they could do was go ...The taillights salutation proved to be the ultimate solution
by MILLER604M December 31, 2022
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