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Super amazing,mainly brunettes. Crazy personality but very loveable. Can be a bitch at times but only when people annoy her. Has alot of secrets and finds it hard to open up and trust anyone.
Guy1:omg did u see taiba?
Guy2:yeh man shes so fucking adorable

Girl1:ugh shes such a bitch!!
by Icba with a name November 30, 2017
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A great person who’s name is taiba good nice and kind of you ever meet a taiba keep care of her and always be proud and kind in example they are also sexy an kind beautiful to
A taiba is a taiba
by Taiba April 20, 2018
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A kind, warm-hearted person, who always puts people needs before her needs. She is hardworking and very ambitious. Don’t let her sensitive side hide you from the fact that she can get down whenever. She is a party-animal and loves to have fun whenever she has the time. It will never be a boring time when you’re with a Taiba. This names actually means good-hearted in Arabic, you already know that describes her. She is also very beautiful and has a way with words.
1: bro where Taiba at?
2: fo real, she’s the life of the party man
by Baddbrat April 12, 2019
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