An abbreviation for Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets and previously of the Orlando Magic NBA teams.
Did you catch the game last night? T mac was ballin man!
by DWM February 21, 2006
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there's a cat in the nba named Tracy McGrady. This dude does whatever he wants on the court and thus addidas chased him down and gave him a shoe deal. These shoes came to be called t-macs.
your t-macs are on point
by Kiki May 4, 2003
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T-Mac(noun) is a hamburger shaped like a T.
Today at Mcdonalds I got a T-Mac.
by AZ+RC February 27, 2005
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T mac means having sexual intercourse with a female
"im going to t mac my g when i go home"
by Big-Mo January 5, 2006
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