Short for tuck and roll. A person tuck and rolls when they bail from a moving vehicle. Blood and shit stains are commonly seen for multiple mile markers.
Dude, Justin got so mad in the car yesterday that he t and r'd while she was going 70mph down i 635.

Did that guy in front of us just t and r?

There ain't enough room in this car for the two of us, BYE!
by Shandy B November 15, 2009
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Like N Hard R or Hard R. But instead I think it means "Tigger". Just coz its better then Nigger.
"I dare you to drop the T Hard R"

"The what."

"The T Har-"

"stfu you pedo"
by TeaBagsz May 4, 2018
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“Okay beetlejuice here’s your question, how do you spell red?”

Beetle juice: “L S T E R”

“Great job”
by Definitely not Amalia August 24, 2020
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the T R A is a association of paid internet posters..we have long known that there are people paid to publish mis information ,,false information ,,,and incorrect data ,to back certain political agendas . we have had no moniker to identify them T R A stands for the Treasonous Rats Association .....I believe that people who are doing this are selling out the country
from that reply to my post you must be a T R A member.
by guy1000001 December 31, 2019
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"hipster" like facebook hipsters, who never spell the words they mean to say right.
A normal guy on facebook: "The ice cream was so cool, i loved it. But Brad spilled some on his shirt. LOL"

|-| 1 P $ T 3 R: "Yo man that ice cream was dope. SEW KEWL, i lahhhv'd it. Brad totes had a woozy on his shirt tho. LAWLZZZZ"
by unicornzforever December 30, 2011
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