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Noun; A delightful specimen of the human species. Someone who inspires joy and happy feelings upon sight. So lovely that a 'sylvain' can distract people from their day to day working lives. Can induce heart palpatations....

sylvain like people are the reason that buses are never on time
by HLB25 April 14, 2009
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Someone of great intellect as cunning and deceit he is. When you first meet a Sylvain he can be nice outgoing but once you get to know him he is alot more down to earth and blunt if you ever meet a Sylvain acknowledge he knows more then you do. Sylvain is normally passionate about finances and investing but one of his biggest passions would be the love of video games and i mean making them. Sylvain is full of experience, wisdom, intellect, financial education, Street smarts and most of all Sylvain could be the most persuading, charming, and helpful people you meet so don't get on his bad side one day he might be the owner of the company your working at ;)
Sylvain said he is devoloping a game! Sylvain is annoying but he's good annoying

#Hashtag #SylvainIsSmart? #SylvainDon'tCareForMuchSocialMedia
by xXNarutoBoy101Xx January 19, 2018
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