Someone who is very intelligent and strong willed. A very passionate person and caring for all other people and creatures. A large heart, Sylvaine is a person who cannot contain all of their emotions.
Sylvaine is very knowledgeable about politics; he will get way into the conversation!
by skkcoop February 3, 2010
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Noun; A delightful specimen of the human species. Someone who inspires joy and happy feelings upon sight. So lovely that a 'sylvain' can distract people from their day to day working lives. Can induce heart palpatations....

sylvain like people are the reason that buses are never on time
by HLB25 April 14, 2009
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A guy that everyone meets once in their life, he brings joy everywhere he goes, not a day goes by without him laughing as he easily humoured. He's not always happy but is in constant search for someone to love him or at the very least care for him. Some girls can find him creepy as he seems to fall for every girl but in reality he just sees the best in people.
people: Yo that guy Sylvain doesn't stop laughing, he's such a suck up
by 2PointOfSurrey January 26, 2019
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