An MMORPG co-owned by Bioware and EA, released in late 2011. The expectations for SWTOR were sky-high and the release was majorly hyped, even a year before the release date (SWTOR was developed for 4 years, and was deemed the WOW killer), but the game was a huge letdown (the subscriber count dipped from 2 million to 800k in the first 10 months of release).

As of 2016, EA is starting to pump money into SWTOR and release new story expansions. EA has also gradually made the game easier through patches over the years to the point it can now be called the easiest MMORPG.

The PVP and raid community is starting to leave, and EA has prioritized new players over veterans. EA will not be adding the raid content the veterans want and have been waiting for, but spend months making new story expansions, letting new players start off 5 levels off the level cap, and updating the cartel market (a cosmetic shop, usually has little to no impact on actual gameplay).

The majority of the player base are novice first-time MMORPG players. The starter instances probably have 3-5 times more players than end-game planets, "Legendary Status" clickers are all too common and SWTOR is the only MMORPG where you can sit on the capital instance (imperial or republic fleet) all day. New players usually quit within 3 months when they are done with the story, and they go on to PVE and PVP content, but realize they aren't playing something along farmville difficulty.
2nd grader: hey I found a game called swtor on the internet, do you want to try it

classmate: no, I have to do addition homework

2nd grader: I heard it is really easy!
by Broke Vancouverite September 05, 2016
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