Adjective -- Swoo - pee -- Describes the long, flowing hairstyle that most Emo/Highschool boys are wearing.
Check out that boy at the mall's swoopy hair.
by Deohgee November 08, 2009
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A word often used to describe a fictional story, which combines elements of idealistic, and often supernatural romance, with a very shallow and materialistic premise. It is often seen in hollywood action movies, animation and romance novels. One key characteristic of Swoopiness, is the lack of benefits received by the other character(s). An architypal example of swoopiness is the story of cinderella, where the prince 'swoops' in and saves cinderella from her miserable life, without his reasons having any realistic emotional depth, or him having any direct gain from doing so.
Swoopiness is often well received in childrens cartoons, as children are not expected or encouraged to understand the nature of relationships, however hollywood movies are often critisized for including it as a sales tactic, designed to capitalise on one particular genders ideals.
Cinderellas good, but i just find the love story so swoopy.
by ishmael1991 March 05, 2011
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