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This all started with me and my best friend eating chinese food. I having just eaten my last pork skewer snatched his and said SWOMP! This word can also be followed up by the word BITCH!
Me:SWOMP! I just took your coke. BITCH!
Random victim: NOOOOOOO!!!
by Matthew Olander April 14, 2005
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The word "Swomp" is a delectable word that incorporates the mighty, righteous, word known simply as "Swag" and pairs this with the energy and enthusiasm of the word "Womp." Stemming primarily from the underground world of rave and dubstep culture, this word is now used throughout all scenes to bellow feelings of enlightened emotion and peaceful vivacity.

Throughout the years "Swag" has been a known and well-used word but until recent years "Womp" had virtually been unknown. "Womp" can originally be defined as the sensation and sound of loud d&b and dubstep drops that are usually pre/proceeded by a soothing, orgasmic "wobble" tone.

Guy 1: Dude, this new dubstep joints got me reeling...
Guy 2: Oh yeah? Take your bass vitamins if you really wanna Swomp out!

Guy 1: Man, I am def bringing home the baddest bitch tonight
Guy 2: Same here dude von dudenstein
Guy 3: Fuck yeah we are some crazy SwompPeople
by Rob Nasty August 05, 2011
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