To change levels. To be on another level,an entirely new game.
Yo,its funny,the way Carter has been killing the rap game.My boy just started "Switchin Lanes".
by Its.Mile$ December 17, 2016
drinking alcohol smoking marijuana and driving
that foo was switchin lanes all the way to my crib
by c-ro December 3, 2007
Doing lines of cocaine; switching between lines of coke
I was up til 5:30 last night just switchin lanes.
by highflier February 18, 2011
To abandon, betray, or forsake a person so no reason
Everyone has been switchin’ lanes on me since I was young.
by Juicccgjuice May 15, 2021
Olga's all about switchin' lanes- between the pink and the stink all night.
by John Steinbeck Sr March 20, 2011