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1. when a surfer changes footing on a board to get a new perspective

2. an awesome band
by Sarah November 02, 2003
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As applies to Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, and all board sports:
1. The quality of being able to board, skate or surf with either Goofy Foot (Right foot leading) or Left foot leading.
2. An individual who posseses the aforementioned quality.
1. Joe regularly surfed switchfoot.
2. Joe was a switchfoot surfer.
by notawannabee September 09, 2005
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An alternative rock band from San Diego, California. The name comes from a surfing term meaning to switch the position of your feet on the board. This also alludes to taking on a different perspective on life. Contrary to popular belief, they are not a Christian band; although the members individually are Christians. Songs are usually written in Socratic dialogue containing socially aware lyricism. Many consider them a sell-out, poser, one-hit-wonder band, while in fact their music hasn't strayed at all from their roots.
I find it interesting that pro-Switchfoot comments here are positive and polite, (with the exeption of one, I think, sarcastic comment) while anti-Switchfoot comments are extremely derogatory and misinformed in nature. I think this says alot about the band itself.
by Nestle January 13, 2007
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best band ever, most popular for album the beautiful letdown. and the song meant to live and dare you to move, gone was popular on christian stations, as mtl and dytm dominated the mainstream. they are sexy fellows on a mission to make u jam/ rock out.
I need to go to a switchfoot concert.

bro, right next to tim foreman front row.

hey concentrate on the music.

yeah, my bad, but damn hes fine.
by motoson January 06, 2007
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a band that saved me from totally disbelieving in music.
If it weren't for Switchfoot's music, I would be posting negative stuff about other bands by now.
by niji September 27, 2004
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Totally awesome and inspiring band consisting of Jon Foreman (guitar and vocals), Tim Foreman (bass and backing vocals), Chad Butler (drums), Jerome Fontamillas (guitar and keyboard), and Drew Shirley (guitar).
Me: Hey Cecily, don't you just love Switchfoot? They are so awesome..
Cecily: Heck yes! I love Switchfoot!!
by Chelsea March 21, 2005
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