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Used to describe an extremely effeminate and flashy gay man. Comes from the over-the-top, dramatically cut fashions often associated with gay men.

Can be used either in conjunction with or as an alternative to gay.
The Queer Eye boys are swishy gays.

That guy Sean is very, very swishy.
by Jack April 02, 2004
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Any athletic pants or shorts that, when walking, make the 'swish' sound
I feel like running but I am wearing jeans. Let me put on my swishies.

I feel like just laying around the house today in my swishies.
by spinzer September 24, 2008
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To be mostly gay or mostly straight, but occasionally go for people of the gender to which one is not primarily attracted.

See also swish.
She's gotta be gay! Or at least swishy.
by Lena October 21, 2004
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