Someone who has no sexual preference to male or female, or would do either. See bi.
by Lindsay S June 19, 2006
someone (its hotter when it is a woman) who likes to be with both men and women. This can involve a woman sucking another woman's tits, licking her vagina, sucking her clit, putting her toungue up her vagina, making out with her, then sleeping with a man.
i swing both ways so i like to have hot sex with women and men. it is better with both at the same time.
by bisexual babeee February 15, 2010
A person are who enjoys having sexual relations with both sexes. It refers to both having sexual relations and relationships with both sexes.
Girl: Oh i heard you were thinking of hooking up with Anna
boy: yeah shes hot but i was thinking of calling mike
Girl: OH! you swing both ways.
boy: only for fun plus the sex is good.
boy: dave also swings both ways
Girl: no, way
boy: way!
by Quitelate June 8, 2006
It works both ways - and not just the way that the person you are saying this to is describing it.
Student: "You should respect my rights, you know"

Teacher: "And you should show me some respect, if you want that. The door swings both ways."
by MichaelToTheJ June 25, 2008
'This Door Swings Both Ways' is a song written by Estelle Levitt and Don Thomas and performed by Herman's Hermits of Manchester, England. Surprisingly serious thoughts behind a cheery, light melody. Recorded in 1966.

Everyone's life is bittersweet
It's a door that opens wide
And no man can call himself complete
Till he's seen it from both sides

This door swings both ways
It's marked 'In' and 'Out'
Some days you'll want to cry
And some days you will shout

This door swings both ways
It goes back and forth
In comes a southern breeze
Or a cold wind from the north

This door swings both ways
Lets in joy and pain
In comes the morning sun
And then the evening rain

This door swings both ways
Lets in dark and light
Every day you make the choice
To let in wrong or right

When shadows fall
You must prepare yourself for sunshine
For everything there is an end
And so my friend you must be brave

This door swings both ways
Which one will it be
Will we live in happiness
Or dwell in misery

This door swings both ways
Lets in earth and sky
Make the most of livin'
If you're not prepared to die
Make the most of livin'
If you're not prepared to die
by the issa is here September 17, 2011
Defines a bi-sexual person, usually but not exclusively defines a male. Primary sexual preference is irrelevant, the determining factor is that singular fact: if the person is willing to have sex with men and women, their door swings both ways.
Woah, I just found out Eddie's door swings both ways! This is great dirt! This explains all the time he spends over at Oscar's apartment!
by Gojai August 31, 2017