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Swifkaratechop, aka Matt Brow, is a pretty well known youtuber.
He is 20 years old and lives in Alabama.
He is a skitlogger.

(Skitlog = a vlog hidden in randomness and funnies.)
&he is amazingly hot &adorable &halarious, imo(:
"With enough butter, you can rape anything" -Matt Brown (swiftkaratechop)

"Oh my God, that was so racist, I'm sorry, I apolagize. Dear God. I love black people. I'm black. Will that fix any thing?" -Matt Brown

"Willy Wonka is gonna kick my ass!" -Matt Brown

"Just cuz I'm blue, doesn't mean I'm sad! ARHHHH" -Matt Brown

"What's a dingo? I don't know but it ate my baby" -Matt Brown
by invisiblenumbers June 11, 2009
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(aka Matt Brown) is a superbly funny skit vlogger, gamer, all-round nice guy and minor celebrity on youtube.

"if youre not old enough to drive a car, you shouldnt be old enough to drive a dick"


"a 4x4, a...a V8 dick...?"

"with turbo charger?"

"yea, a dick with a turbo charger."

by Tamala June 25, 2008
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The most obnoxious video blog personality on youtube. This guy is so annoying that a normal human being with ears can't sit through a minute of any of his videos without wanting to take a gun to their head. He's not adorable and he isn't funny. His jokes aren't even intelligent. He's like an overgrown twelve-year-old who continuously makes jokes about facial hair and the awkward sounds that he can make. Thank goodness he isn't popular.
My friend gave me a youtube link that directed me to one of Swiftkaratechop's youtube videos and my ears started bleeding all over the place.
by guywhospeaksthetruth December 07, 2012
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