Phrase created by pewdiepie as a joke, to describe his Swedish/Christian channel.🙏
Pewds: "What the f*ck" -"Sorry, this is a swestian channel"
by JPSJYHFYB December 14, 2017

a word that was made by the most famous youtuber named pewdiepie
it is someone who is swedish and Cristian at the same time
Hey dude do you know famous swestian pewdiepie?
by waaaalusteve January 9, 2018
Swestian is the meaning of a swedish christian
Hey bro have you seen this swestian guy called pewdiepie or Bill skargård.
by The swestian man November 1, 2017
A swestian is someone who is swedish and also christian

I wrote this
1 November 2017 but it didn't publish
Melvin: Hey dude have you heard of the swestian guy pewdiepie?

He has 57,7 subscribers he is the biggest youtuber ever
Adam: Yea i have who haven't?
by The swestian man November 2, 2017
A person who is Swedish by origin and also a Christian
Pewdiepie is a Swestian
by November 1, 2017
A person that is of Swedish origin and is Christian.
PewDiePie became Swestian, what a great dude. He now communicates with Jesus every Sunday from 3pm until 5pm.
by heywhatsupmate November 1, 2017