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'Khs' is like 'kys' but to a person which can be a male or a female 'khs' stands for ¨Kill him self¨ or ¨kill her self¨
Person1: Dude, i really hope your dad 'khs' oh wait he already did.

Person2: Cries to sleep.
by The swestian man December 1, 2018
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Swestian is the meaning of a swedish christian
Hey bro have you seen this swestian guy called pewdiepie or Bill skargård.
by The swestian man November 1, 2017
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A swestian is someone who is swedish and also christian

I wrote this
1 November 2017 but it didn't publish
Melvin: Hey dude have you heard of the swestian guy pewdiepie?

He has 57,7 subscribers he is the biggest youtuber ever
Adam: Yea i have who haven't?
by The swestian man November 2, 2017
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