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Tiny pieces of food, usually corn kernels; small morsels.

Green Giant's brand product of canned whole kernel sweet corn.

A common southern expression used instead of shucks or darn, currently popularized by characters in Disney's TV show Hanna Montana.
by LC1 January 04, 2009
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Originated from the disney show, Hannah Montana. expression said when in a moment of distress.

Associated with "gosh darn" and "shucks."

Most common in southern and rural areas.
"I locked my keys in the car, sweet niblets!!"
"The pigs got out again, sweet niblets"
by kagipi October 08, 2007
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Hannah Montana's common phrase of exclamation, designed to denote her southern roots.

However, it also has a hidden reference to Hillbilly corn, because they (her family) are from Tennessee, and her relationship to Dolly Parton.

This reference can be seen in The Beverly Hillbillies and the song "Rocky Top (Tennessee)" (by the Osbourne Brothers)
"Oh, sweet niblets!"

The hidden reference;

"Corn won't grow on Rocky Top ... that's why folks on Rocky Top get their corn from a jar" - "Rocky Top (Tennessee)" (by the Osbourne Brothers)
by Sweet Lady Jane July 17, 2009
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