This word commonly used in and around the Glasgow area is used to describe pill or tablet based illicit drugs such as ecstasy or Diazepam (Jellies).

The word is also used to describe penny sweets bought from ice-cream vans in the Glasgow/ Lanarkshire area.
Ah wis’ pure swedgered oot ma nut last night man (when referring to drug usage)

Geez a swedger wee man (When referring to penny sweets)
by Bar-L Young Team October 22, 2004
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swedger is a site belonging to a young scottish adult. filled with poetry and lyrics and random drug-fuelled rantings(hence the swedger domains and site name).
it is all mostly random stuff, is not updated all that often, but some of the poetry is - actually - quite highly acclaimed.
-(some of his poetry is even published, so if you can find the published versions, you might just be able to find the REAL name of the admin 'swedger')- is active used to be but was stolen from the owner while @ a value of $7000( - it is now valuated @ $1,100 (
SWEDGER(dot)org is "The Place Between My Mind And Reality" to quote swedger himself.
SWEDGER(dot)com was stolen by a domain holder using a grab app that waits for renewal times and attempts to GRAB domains before the registrar renews it for their rightful owner(s).

swedger -> | PEACE | LOVE | UNITY | + | RESPECT |
swedger -> | P | L | U | R |
swedger -> PLUR
by swedger May 20, 2013
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To describe someone who has consumed large quantitys of ecstacy and dosent know or where they are.
"look at him hes swedgered out his nut"
by damagefaction January 24, 2009
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